openQuoteBefore seeing Dr. Pronek I would sleep most of the day due to pain and fatigue. Before doing anything I would always factor in how much pain it would cause me and was it worth it. Even then, most things I simply couldn’t do because of the pain involved. I have tried many methods and doctors in an effort to get better and was even contemplating going to othercloseQuote countries for help because I was getting worse over time and not better. Finally, a friend told me about Dr. Pronek and I have progressed with each visit. I am now able to engage in normal daily activities and can’t believe how much better I feel. Endless thanks to Dr. Pronek of Elite Family Chiropractic.
T.S. Danville, Pa.

openQuoteJust before the holidays in December 2011, I suffered from a pinched sciatic nerve, mostly likely caused from an exercise injury. While it got better with rest the pain would not completely subside, so I scheduled a visit to Dr. Pronek’s office following a co-worker’s recommendation. Dr. Pronek listened to everything I had say, was interested in my goals in terms of physical activity and was confident he could not only fix the pain, but also help with long-term preventative treatments. He did all that and more! The sciatic pain was completely erased after several appointments and I havecloseQuote never felt more balanced. Friends and family asked if I had grown—I’m 28, so of course I haven’t, but Dr. Pronek’s care has made a drastic difference in how I hold myself, not to mention the (wonderful) lack of pain! I continue to see Dr. Pronek on a regular basis and am now surpassing my level of physical activity prior to the sciatic nerve pain!
Katie Meier

openQuoteIn May 2011, I started working with Dr. Pronek after being hit by car during a bicycle race. As a competitive athlete, minimal rehabilitation time, from such an accident, is what I was hoping to get. Within a few appointments with, I was feeling close to 100% if not better than prior to the accident. With each appointment, I noticed a drastic difference in my closeQuoteefficiency of movement. I was feeling more aligned while running, biking and swimming. I now treat my appointments with Dr. Pronek as a vital part of my training regimen. I can honestly say that my appointments with Dr. Pronek are a major reason my return to the sport of triathlon has gone so smoothly.

Marty Owens – Competitive Triathlete/Runner/Cyclist
Head Track & Field/Cross-Country Coach
Susquehanna University

openQuoteDuring 14 years of low back problems and a lot of numbness in my left leg I saw 14 different chiropractors and a wellness center with little results. My son told me that he found one that he thought might be able to help me and I decided to give it one more try. Not an easy decision since I live in Indiana and Dr. Pronek is in Pa. Many thanks to Dr. Pronek of Elite Family Chiropractic as he is helping me and my back and leg are feeling better.closeQuote

Larry S.

openQuoteBefore coming in to Dr. Pronek, I was very uncomfortable in normal situations such as sitting, walking, and running. My back was very stiff and after searching for many years I was unable to figure out what was wrong. Being a swimmer, my back and shoulders are constantly being worked and as a result tighten up very quickly. I began going to Dr. Pronek in the Fall of 2011. Since then, I am much more flexible and in much less pain. My coach noticed a difference in my stroke in the pool. I started to immediately drop my times in the pool, including breaking numerous records. I was named Swimmer of the Year for 2012. I have also qualified for the NCAAs for Division III swimming which is a goal I have been working towards for four years.closeQuote

Devin Lessard
Susquehanna University 2013
2011-12 Women’s Swim Team Captain

openQuoteMy experience after an adjustment from Dr. Pronek has been very postive. I have less pain in my neck and back and I know my breathing is so much better. I am sure glad he settled in our area.closeQuote

R. S.

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